When will my box ship?

Excellent question! The chart below shows a list of dates for when you can expect your box to ship. This is not an expected arrival time. Our boxes are seasonal and ship out every 3 months. If you are an annual subscriber your box will ship out 10 calendar days before other members.

How much does shipping cost?

For domestic orders within the United States shipping is FREE!

What do I do if I have missing, damaged, or defective item(s) in my box?

Oh no! Let us start by saying that we are sorry you are experiencing this! At Get Kindness we strive to make your box experience perfect. Behind the box we are people and do make mistakes. So if this has happened to you we apologise! In the event of a missing, damaged, or defective item we ask that you contact us within 14 days of your box being delivered. Although all sales are final, in events like this our team wants to make the situation right. By contacting us our team will assit you in replacing the item(s). If your box is lost, please contact us and we will assist you with filing a claim through the USPS.

About kindness box

Can I buy just one box?

Absolutely! We have 3 subscription options.

  • Option 1: No subscription box: With this option you will get the box for the next available season with no recurring payments. You will still get the same box as the subscription plan without having to worry about being charged a second time.
  • Option 2: Seasonal box subscription: With this option you will have recurring payments every 3 months.
  • Option 3: Annual box subscription: With this option you will have an annual reccuring payment. You will receive your box every season. This option allows you to save 10% more than other subscribers and have access to premium member benefits like bonus box items, early shipping, and more.

What is kindness box?

Kindness box is a seasonal subscription box that is based around the concept of kindness. To us this means kindness towards yourself, kindness towards others, and kindness towards the planet. Every item in kindness box is carefully selected with kindness, and you in mind.

What items can I expect to see in my kindness box?

The type of items you can expect to see are a mixture of self care items, fair trade items, hand crafted items, and environmentally friendly items.

Featured artisan

What is a featured artisan?

At Get Kindness we like to share our platform with small artisans! Our bonus gift program allows small artisans to share their goodies with a larger audience. This helps build and support these small local gems that might not have been seen otherwise. It also gives our members a chance to get an extra unique product in their box for free! Everyone wins!

Can anyone be a featured artisan?

No. Anyone can apply. However, there is an approval process. This is in place to insure that we are supporting small artisans and not large established companies. We also want to insure that the featured products being put in our boxes are quality products that our members will not be disappointed with.


How do I cancel my membership/subscription?

Oh no! We are sad to see you go, and hope to see you again soon! If you processed your order through PayPal you have the option of canceling through your PayPal account. You may also contact us at contact@getkindness.com with the subject line "Cancelation" and we will take care of that for you. If you processed your order via credit or debit you will have to contact us to cancel for you. Please contact us 5 days prior to any upcoming charges to avoid any further charges going through.