Seed balls are a fun easy way to make the world around you a little more green. Our planet has taken care of us, and it's time we start returning the favor. How will 20 little seed balls even make a difference? I'll tell you how. Let's think of just one seed ball. 1 seed ball will make 1 plant. That 1 plant will absorb carbon dioxide and produce clean oxygen. It will attract things like bees, butterflies, hummingbirds which play a huge role in pollination. Now multiply that by 20. Still doesn't seem like enough? We agree, so for every pack of seed balls sold we will donate $5 to The Nature Conservancy to help assist their efforts in fighting climate change. 

Seed balls

  • Press them gently on the soil, about 2/3 of the way down. For added fun, throw them along the road, use a slingshot, or a boilie thrower.

  • 20 seed balls come in each pack.

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